Expectra 868 NPC promotes Primary Health Care within uMzinyathi District. Umzinyathi District is located in the northern central areas of KZN. According to census 2011, uMzinyathi District has an estimated population of 510 838 and 113 470 households. Out of that population Msinga, Nquthu & uMvoti makes up a total of 87% of the population and 85% of the households. Endumeni has an estimated 13%  of the population and 15% of the households.  

uMzinyathi District households income is as follows:

  • 36% earn between R1 – R400
  • 3.6% earn between R401 – R800
  • 12.9% earn between R801 – R1600
  • 2.3% earn between R1600 - R3200
  • 1.5% earn between R3201 – R6400
  • 1.5% earn between R6401 – R12800
  • 0.8% earn between R12801 – R25600
  • 0.4% earn between R25601 – and more

Msinga, Nquthu and uMvoti are the poorest and most under developed rural areas of uMzinyathi District and KwaZulu-Natal. The more developed urban areas of uMzinyathi District includes Dundee under Endumeni Municipality, which is the administrative seat of Umzinyathi District Municipality, and Greytown under uMvoti Municipality.

Based on the above stats it shows that uMzinyathi District is one of the poorest districts not only in KwaZulu-Natal but in South Africa.


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