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Expectra 868 NPC in partnership with uMzinyathi District Municipality are currently implementing uMzinyathi Primary Health Care project, the project is funded by National Lottery Distribution Fund and Expectra 868 NPC is the implementing agent. The project was launched by honourable District Mayor Cllr. Dr. Rev JM Mthethwa, at Nqutu (Nondweni Stadium) on the 1st of May 2013. The program was aimed at addressing the health issues faced by the community of Umzinyathi District Municipality, where the majority of the population live in the rural areas and do not have access to hospitals and clinics.  

The project is divided into five elements/deliverables namely: Door to Door Profiling, Health Education, Medical Camps, Door to Door Medical Intervention and School Program

Door to Door Profiling

Profiling is when our Community Care Givers (CCG’s) do door-to-door home visit with the aim of collecting statistics regarding the state of the household in general e.g population (gender and age difference), employment, child birth and immunization, matric and diseases: (e.g Diabetes, Hypertension, Epilepsy, Asthma, TB and HIV). Through profiling we are then able to identify problematic areas and the needs of that specific community in terms of the health and other social issues that they might have.  Majority of the information that we get and how we seek to make changes in the community is through door-to-door profiling.

Health Education

The concept of Health Education Campaigns is to gather a large number of community members where we educate the community member about the dieses: like hypertension, diabetes, TB & HIV and Male Medical Circumcision. These Health Education campaign assist the Organisation in attending to a large number of people as compared to door to door Health Education. Another important factor about Health Education Campaign is that, question asked by one individual the rest of the community or someone who wanted to ask that question, but did have the courage to ask it. We also able to dispute health myths.

Medical Camps 

Medical camps serve as a follow up to our Health Education Campaigns. Essentially these Medical Camps are designed to reach a larger scale people by our Medical Practioners, with the main focus on patients that are on chronic medication. We check whether their chronic medical condition is controlled or not in order to focus our intervention in the prevention of complications. Our main focus on Medical Camps is to allow communities to have access to our medical practitioners. This is done through Community Care Givers (CCG’s) identifying areas that are in need of medical intervention, within the wards that they are working in or have profile.  

School programs “Link a child”

School program “link a child” is a program that started in partnership with the department of health.  The purpose of this program is to do health education and provide medical intervention to school children at an early age. We visit schools that are in poor socio-economic areas, with the help of Teachers and school nurses we identify Children with health issues.  These children are screened by nurses where they weigh their weight and height, vitamin A is given to children and De-worming is done on site by Nurses.

Door-to-door medical intervention 

Door-to-door medical intervention is when our in-house doctors and Community Care givers visit patient at home. These patients are patients that bed ridden and can’t make it to medical camps or health education campaigns. The advantage of door-to-door medical interventions by our doctors is that it gives us the opportunity of interacting directly with the sick and the so called “healthy” in the family.  

Expectra Cares - Project

Expectra cares is a program whereby we identify public areas within the towns we are working at (taxi ranks and shopping centre) where we aim to target a large number of people to test them for Diabetes, Hypertension as well as HIV.  It also works a marketing strategy for Expectra 868 NPC in order for people to be familiar with the kind of services we render as an organisation so that it becomes easy for us when we conduct door to door.

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